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Yoga Equipment

Buckle belt, regular length, natural colour  £6.00
Buckle belt, wide, long, various colours  £7.20
Foam block, various colours  £5.50
Cork Brick £11.00
Cotton Blanket natural colour felted £20.00
Cotton Blanket natural woven £25.00
Cotton Blanket purple £24.00
Charkra Blanket £25.00
Yoga mat, light use £20.00
Yoga mat, medium weight £25.00
Yoga mat, hard wearing £30.00
Neti pot, for cleaning the sinuses £15.00
Bolster with cover £38.00
Yoga chair £40.00
Sesame oil for body massage 1 litre £18
Sesame oil for body massage 100ml £5
Lavender massage oil 100ml £7
Rose and Frankincense face oil 50ml £15
Rose and Frankincense face oil 100ml £22.50
Rose body oil 250ml £25
Tongue Scraper £2
Epsom Salts 3kg £8

Students attending beginners, intermediate & advanced classes will need a mat, block and belt.

Pregnant ladies need a mat and a burst-resistant gym ball. Post-natal ladies need a mat.

The neti pot can be used by all students, it is a great way to clear the sinuses. One of the shatkarmas (purification).


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